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  • Successful project is

    a result of  professional translation

More than 12 years of experience in the field of technical translation of texts make it possible to obtain high-quality services at an affordable price.
  • Translation of passports, CVs
  • Translation of birth, marriage certificates
  • Translation of references
  • Translation of diplomas
  • Technical Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Oral Translation Services
  • Computer-aided makeup
  • Documents’ formatting
  • Certification by the Notary
  • Certification by our translation company

Linguistics Consulting Center has been at the linguistic services market since 2005. During that time the company has developed its own knowledge base in various fields of translation, gained a vast experience and prepared a number of highly skilled professionals. And today the Company has upgraded its possibilities, constantly including new services in its assortment, covering new areas of science, technology and social relations.

At the moment the Company offers quality language services for corporate and private clients. Among them – different types of highly specialized translations (in the fields of technology, medicine, law), translations of various documents ( passports, birth certificates, etc), as well as various options for legalization of documents. The latter group of services includes certification by the notary as well as certification of the document by the company stamp.


We don’t show the prices at our website because each project is unique in its own way. The price depends on many parameters, for example, language pair, translation speciality, text specialization and complexity, the scope of work, work deadline, type of the original document, requirements for documents execution and other factors.

That’s why we agree on the cost of the translation with each client and on each project individually.

Price is calculated at a rate of 1800 characters including spaces as a standard page of translation. Volume of less than one standard page is still regarded as one page.

To get an accurate price estimate, send us the text by email for us to have a look at the content, specify the deadline and in what language it should be translated, for what audience and how thoroughly the text should be worked through, in what form it should be prepared and how it should be handed over.
Prices for the services accompanying the translation:
Evaluation of the price and consultation Free
Photocopying / printing 5 RUB per page
Notarization of the signature of responsible translator* 550 RUB per document
Notarization of additional copy of the translation 200 RUB per document
Certification of translation by the company stamp 100 RUB per document
Desktop publishing and formatting of text from 200 RUB per page
Disc write of the final version of the translation, one copy (for translations of more than 100 pages) Free

*All orders are accepted by the “Linguistics Consulting Center” only after full or initial payment. In case of a cashless payment, work on a new order begins right after the proof of payment is received.

How can you reduce the cost and the time of translation:

  • Provide texts for a written translation in an electronic form.
  • Provide a competent employee as a consultant for the time of translation with whom we can discuss the translation of certain technical terms, text layout, etc.
  • Provide written translations of similar technical texts, which we can use as samples.
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